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Every fourth Saturday of November at 16:00 in memory of those killed during the genocide of the Ukrainian people set a lighted candle on the windowsill. Especially for this event was made a set...

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RusPranaFinance Intro

Intro for the international investment and finance company «RupPranaFinance» Motion Design: Vyacheslav Boyko Sound: Egor Gapon

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Day of mourning

This work by Vyacheslav Boyko is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Simple Lower Third Constructor

You could not find a project that suits you design? Then this lower third constructor is created for you. These simple, light, clean lower thirds broadcast project can be customized to fit with any...

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Broken Prisms Lower Third

These broken lower thirds broadcast pack contains 3 elements and can be easy to customized. Ideal to use in your music tv channel, podcasts, films about extreme sports, blu-ray project. You can render with alpha channel to overlay over video in your NLE program.